Full Body Balancing

In addition to relieving aches and pains, our method identifies disturbances within the body and provides an adjustment to restore neurological balance for improved function of the entire body.

What causes my body to become unbalanced?

The body becomes unbalanced when it is unable to properly adapt and integrate STRESS. The three types of stress we experience are PHYSICAL (trauma), CHEMICAL (toxins, poor diet, allergens. etc.), and MENTAL/EMOTIONAL  (negative thought patterns, excess stress, etc.).

With regular chiropractic adjustments the brain can be restored to balance, allowing for proper governing of the body and responding to stimulus. This results in more energy, better health, and an increased natural resistance to stress and dis-ease. It's pretty incredible that the human brain can heal!

Body Systems


All the glands of the body (hormone regulation).

Benefits of balance: proper gland function to regulate hormones & improve immune system; restful sleep & easier relaxation; improved concentration & memory. 


All the organs of elimination - sinuses, lungs, skin, kidneys, small intestine, colon, etc.

Benefits of balance: clear sinuses, lungs, bronchial tubes and nasal passages for normal breathing; regular bowel movements; toxin/allergen removal.


Normal function of the central, peripheral, and autonomic nerve systems.

Benefits of balance: improved sleep; easier relaxation; strong mental acuity; improved immune function; normal sense function (eyes, ears, nose, etc.).


All the organs of digestion and assimilation.

Benefits of balance: normal appetite & assimilation; normalize weight; proper function of the stomach, gallbladder, kidneys, pancreas, liver, intestines, etc.; decreased food sensitivity; increased energy.


Normal muscle tone and strength throughout the body.

Benefits of balance: restore range of motion & proper movement; pain free movement & healthy joints; improved strength & muscle recovery; restore center of gravity & eliminate dizziness; normal tone.


Circulation including the heart, arteries, veins, lymphatics, etc.

Benefits of balance: improved heart health & thyroid regulation; normalize blood pressure & proper circulation; proper lymphatic drainage for elimination of toxins.

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