Whether looking to improve your health or maintain a balanced lifestyle we are happy to help. Our office has provided healing results to patients & families all over the globe ranging from infants to great-grandparents and everyone in between. We have a diverse client base and are proud to provide care for families, professional athletes, personal trainers, yoga teachers, Silicon Valley executives, Law Enforcement officers, doctors & nurses, medical cannabis professionals, EMT & first responders, attorneys, entrepreneurs, techies, artists (cinematographers, dancers, authors, etc.), chefs, teachers, students, homemakers, gardeners, utility workers, non-profit board members, etc.


Four years of struggling with digestive issues, Fibromyalgia and other doctors; healed after a couple sessions working with Dr. Shane.
Concussion leading to neck pain, brain fog, headaches, and disrupted energy levels.  Full recovery made without medication.
Four years of struggling with digestive issues, Fibromyalgia and other doctors; healed after a couple sessions working with Dr. Shane.
Digestive system and autoimmune symptoms improved after working with the office.

Mario Flaherty

-Premier Fitness Trainer-

-Nutrition Coach-


"Dr. Shane has helped fix my hip pains, he is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Without Shane I do not know where I would be today."

Denny Prokopos

-3x Jiu Jitsu World Champion-

-EBI 2 Champion-

-Owner SF Jiu Jitsu-

Denny had an outstanding performance winning 4 matches in one night to clinch the EBI 2 Championship trophy. Dr. Shane assisted during his training camp and provided ringside support during the fights.

Nicholas Bustos

-Elite Spartan Racer-

-Hylete Compete Team-

"I have had problems with my ankles and knees and after his adjustment I feel good as new. He always explains things throughout the adjustment and informs me on what exactly the adjustment is helping and what issues he has found based on his assessment."



I was having difficulty walking due to a misalignment that was affecting my knees and ankles.  Dr. Shane worked on me and adjusted me and I had noticeable results right away.  If you are looking for a quality Chiropractor with a gentle touch, give Dr. Shane a call!




I've visited a few chiropractors on separate occasions, and Dr. Alborz has by far been the most helpful for both my wife and myself. His adjustment certainly helped relieve my back pain that I had been dealing with for quite some time, but I was incredibly impressed with his effective questioning, and his ability to listen and truly try to understand what was best for my unique needs.




Dr. Alborz has been adjusting me in my effort to get back into fitness.  He continues to assist with my recovery with CrossFit as a result I am able to continue with my fitness goals.


The adjustments also assist with my sinus issues and helps with my sleep patterns. He is a thoughtful individual and listens to his clients.  I highly recommend Dr. Shane Alborz.




Dr. Shane is an amazing healer! He truly listens to you and explains everything in a way that is easy to understand. He has personally helped me with improving my eye-sight, my digestion, and my mood. I always leave feeling amazing and I highly recommend you check him out for yourself and your family's health. Thank you Dr. Shane!



Dr. Shane is awesome!  He gave me my first adjustment and will continue to be my one and only chiropractor. He takes the time to get an understanding of your needs at each appointment and tailors the adjustment accordingly. Dr. Shane explains what he's doing and why which makes the whole experience so comfortable.  I highly recommend Dr. Shane.



Dr. Shane is an incredible chiropractor and down to earth man. He goes to great lengths to explain the process of the adjustment. As well, he adjust areas based on things you may be experiencing. For example, I was have great difficulty with sleep, and after an adjustment, slept like a rock. So thankful to have had Dr. Shane recommended to me.




Dr. Shane was so friendly, welcoming and warm. He was extremely helpful and the utmost professional during our appointments. After 6 appointments, my hip pain was relieved and I was able to once again sleep comfortably. I credit Dr. Shane with the improvement in my overall health and would recommend his services to anyone.




I go to Shane for general soreness and to get my mind right. I'm less stressed and more centered after Shanes works his magic. I guess you could say I go to Shane to fix my mind rather than my body!

Regardless of what you're looking for, Shane has always been friendly and approachable, while looking for ways to heal the mind and body.



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